JSME test page

Drawing area line width:
Drawing area font size:
Drawing area scale:
Non drawing area scale:
Set another background color for the GUI frame and the dialog boxes

Turning AA on and off does not work with IE 9 & 10 (it is always on).

Set options:
Customize the help URL:
Display a message in the bottom bar:
Customize the InChIKey search base URL:
Customize the InChIKey search using a custom function. In this example, the search function is replaced by opening a simple alert.
Reset InChIKey search to its default function.

Import predefined chemical structure to applet:

Export chemical structure from applet:
Import chemical structure from text area above to applet:

Select default copy format for Ctrl C and Drag&Drop:

Known issue: some formats (e.g InChi) require loading of additional JavaScript code. The first time such a format is requested, the copy or drag will not work correctly because of loading of JavaScript code.