JSME Hall of Fame or Useful Web Tools that use JSME

Below some examples of useful pages that use the JSME Editor. You can use these pages as an inspiration for your own work. In the Technology section you may learn more about incorporation of JSME into various development environments.
If you have also a web page that uses the JSME and want it to be added here, drop a note to peter.ertl.at.gmail.com. We include here only "open" pages that do not require registration.

Cheminformatics Services

Bioisosteric Scaffold Search using Scaffold Keys
Bitter-Sweet Prediction
Calculation of molecule descriptors and bioactivity
Chemical Structure Lookup Service
Design of Functionalised Nanomaterials
Generation of 3D Structure with Galaxy
Interactive Generation of 3D Structures with CORINA
Multi-Fingerprint Browser for Fragments
Name to structure
Online File Translator and Structure File Generator
Prediction of Cytotoxic Effects to NIB/3T3 Cells
Prediction of TNF Induction
Virtual combinatorial library

Scientific Databases

Biological magnetic resonance data bank - an example of JSME integration
BRENDA - the comprehensive enzyme information system
Compound searching in various spectral databases.
Crystallography Open Database
Natural Products Encyclopedia at RIKEN
OCHEM - online chemical database
Organic chemistry portal - structure search
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Metabolome Database:
Small Molecule Modulator Database
Wikipedia Chemical Structure Explorer

Educational Resources

ChemInteractive - chemically intelligent online tutorial with a good JSME help page
University of Turin - JSME Tutorial in Italian
Virtual Molecular Model Kit

JSME Technology

JSME and Jmol
JSME in moodle
JSME in npm
JSME as a react component
JSME react wrapper
JSME in webpack
JSME in a Jupyter Notebook
JSME in streamlit
Panel-Chemistry: JSME for HoloViz Panel

Databases of Commercial Compounds

Acros Organics
Advanced Chemical Intermediates
Alfa Aesar
Bosche Scientific
CM Fine Chemicals
Exclusive Chemistry
Iris Biotech
Matrix Scientific
Oakwood Chemical
Spectrum Chemical
Watanabe Chemical Industries

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